Hi, I'm Charlotte - I joined the white studios in 2011. My interest in photography was discovered in my Art lessons when I had no desire to paint, but instead pick up a camera. 

I went off and got my foundation diploma in art & design whilst working part time at the studio and then I ventured off to London for a couple of years and got my degree in photography, I returned shortly after obtaining this to continue my professional career in photography.

I have a huge love for photography, framing and graphic design. 

So not only can I look after you in the photography aspect of the white studios but also with framing and especially photo books!

I look forward to meeting you! 


Hello I am Karolina, the founder & creative head of the white studios. My passion for images begun in my childhood, where I started playing around with family photographs. In my teenage years I was a dark room addict and turned my passion into profession at kisd (Koln International School of Design) where I developed an interest in graphic design.

Fast forward to present day, I've been addicted to images.

Photography fascinates me because it reflects reality and in its roots, doesn't lie. Actually quite the contrary, it shows the truth. The essence of our lives lies in pictures. They reflect our relationships and the importance of people close to us, the ones we love. Photography can't be tricked. It's genuine and unpretentious. It effortlessly picks up the vibes in the current phase of our life and draws the atmosphere in the situation we were in.

I believe that a good photograph can create an icon.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and seeing your images!!

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